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If you are experiencing pest issues in your Home or Commercial property, it may be beneficial to contact a pest control company for an inspection and treatment plan.

A professional pest control company can help identify the source of the problem, implement appropriate pest control measures, and prevent future infestations.

It’s always a good idea to research and compareContact Us different companies to find one that fits your specific needs and budget.

All our inspectors make sure they do the job properly the first time, with the utmost of care and professionalism, so you can have confidence in our pest control treatments and our termite inspections.

To get started view our pest pricing costs and then call us or fill out the online booking form.

Some of the benefits of using a professional pest control company include:

  1. Expertise: Professional pest control companies have the knowledge and experience necessary to effectively identify and control a wide range of pests,Cockroaches,Ants,Rats,Fleas,or Bedbugs.

  2. Safe and effective treatments: Professional pest control companies use safe and effective treatments that meet industry standards and regulations.

  3. Preventative measures: A professional pest control company can implement preventative measures to reduce the risk of future pest infestations.

  4. Peace of mind: Using a professional pest control company can provide peace of mind and ensure that your property remains pest-free.

When choosing a professional pest control company, it’s important to research and compare different companies, and look for one that is licensed, insured, and experienced in the type of pest control services you need.


Why do I need a Termite Warranty?
Your home is your safe haven. If you find it is under attack by destructive termites, you want someone you can trust to quickly identify and control the threatening termite colony in your home.

It is estimated that 1 in 4 properties will be attacked by termites over its lifetime and most home insurance policies do not cover against termite damage.

If you want to avoid the risk of expensive repair bills for termite damage, then a termite service offered with warranty is critical.

Peace of mind

How would you like the peace of mind of knowing that if termites invaded your home and caused structural damage, you wouldn’t have to pay the repair bill.

Well now this peace of mind can be yours!

Timber Secure is a five year termite insurance policy designed to give you complete peace of mind following the installation of an approved termite management system.

Proven Pest And Termite Control Guarantee is if the termites return then so do we.

Proven Pest And Termite Control, offering the best protection available on the market for your home.

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Don’t be eaten out of house and home.

Protect yourself with our Termite Insurance Policy for 5 years.

What is it?

TimberSecure is a five year termite insurance policy designed to give you complete peace of mind following the installation of an approved termite management system.

The policy is underwritten by specialist pest management insurer, Pacific International Insurance Pty Limited and is offered in Australia via Rapid Solutions. It gives you security and peace of mind knowing your policy is backed by a company that understands the devastation these pests can cause.

How to become eligible

The warranty begins after Proven Pest And Termite Control has:

Completed a baiting program and/or barrier treatments.
Completed 2 consecutive termite inspections (within no more than a 12 month period) and no termite activity has been detected.

You have signed the Timber Secure Termite Warranty Agreement
If termite activity is found, you will be provided with recommendations for the most appropriate termite treatments.

Depending on geographic location and condition of your property.

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